We are trying to build a safer world and all of us must participate in its consolidation; we learn from the best and we teach others. We believe that the development of a society, no matter of it size, starts from a system of core values and principles that are in accordance with the fundamental principles of human rights, labor, environment and integrity.

We are trying to join the greatest companies that support these principles and inspire us to support the development of a better society, a safer community and a less polluted planet.


We support and respect internationally recognized human rights protection. We are not accomplices and do not support human rights abuses.


We encourage freedom of association and effective recognition of the right to negotiation; We do not support forced and / or compulsory forms of work and we are totally against the work and oppression of children.


We believe in teamwork. Collaboration is the foundation of our daily work. We say NO to racism and discrimination in terms of employment.


We support “friendly” technologies and promote greater environmental responsibility. The environment is our source of inspiration and we do not want to lose this source.


We fight against corruption in all its known and unknown forms.


We seek for innovation and we continue to work hard to meet our customers’ expectations.


Everybody goes home safety, every day.


“Opportunity” doesn’t define our character and / or loyalty.


Passion for excellence and quality.