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We learn from the past and are aware of the latest innovations in the industry, in order to provide you the most reliable installations and / or equipment. The collaboration we have with our partners in all areas, technical support, the training sessions we are attending, as well as the technical and practical research help us to develop innovative and economical solutions for all types of applications, thus guaranteeing the reliability and correct operation of provided installation. We offer our customers a complementary and conclusive analysis of the thermal processes by performing the exergetic analysis, the only method by which we can accurately determine where the energy losses are and how they can be diminished.
Thermal and hydraulic balances, as well as energy analysis, are only quantitative analysis methods of the process that takes place in a plant. ATE Group also proposes a "qualitative" analysis of these processes, where is required, being the only available method of increasing efficiency of installations. The quality of the services and the equipment are always provided with higher costs, our company provide an economic analysis of the investment, combined with exergetic analysis methods, we are able to evaluate correctly the material and financial resources, offering the optimal solution for each application. We are aware of the fact that we do not know everything, that’s why our collaborations with partners help us to improve our knowledge and to offer a full range of services/equipments for a complete project, from the beginning phase to the final reception. Quality and safety is a priority within the company that’s why we certified and implemented our Integrated Management System ISO 9001; ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001. We ensure and make sure that our work and services are providing high quality and safety in operation, our company constantly improving these services with every project and application made.